The history

Piculin. A name and its history.

When everyone left the countryside, great grandfather Angelo, the youngest of the Battaglino brothers, was left alone to work the land.

Due to his height, in the village he was known as “Piculin”. A nickname that over the years identified the founder of the company, our tradition and our work. Even later, with Michelina and Eleuterio and Margherita.

It is in respect of our tradition and history that we wanted to continue call the winery “Piculin”.

Hence, our brand.

History towards the future pQlin.

 The Q, the protagonist of the logo, replaces the syllable / cu / and marks the beginning of a new day and a new cellar. The sign of the sun rising in the hills of the Roero marks the dawn of a new generation, ours, the fourth.

Chiara, Umberto and Francesca.

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