Vineyards and cellar

An agricultural estate immersed in the Roero, recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. A landscape of exceptional value characterized by the presence of rugged and steep hills, the so-called fortresses, results of the “Cattura del Tanaro”. With this event occurred 250,000 years ago, the course of the Tanaro was deviated by another river which changed deeply its identity and which led to the creation of the new Tanaro valley:

<<The soil makes the grapes>> great-grandfather “Piculin” used to say. And it is on these sandy grounds, where the vine finds its ideal conditions, where the 13 hectares of vineyards arise.

In Castagnito, in the south-eastern area of ​​Roero. Soft slopes, cold and marly soil of medium texture and clay mixed with chalky banks, ideal for producing full-bodied white wines with good structure.

In Guarene, thanks to the presence of a clayey soil interspersed with chalky banks, where the soil and climatic conditions give a perfect terroir for the production of wines with character, with an important structure and suitable for aging.

La Cantina

Costruita nel 1903, è stata oggetto di un’importante opera di rinnovamento e ampliamento nel 2015.
Il progetto ha portato alla realizzazione di una struttura architettonica moderna, che mantiene il suo carattere storico originale, perfettamente inserita nel territorio che l’accoglie.

Più di una cantina, è un luogo in cui oltre a vinificare, affinare e invecchiare, si degusta e si respira la stessa atmosfera di una volta.
Uno spazio oltre il tempo.

The cellar

Built in 1903, it was subjected to an important renovation and expansion in 2015. The project led to the creation of a modern architectural structure, which maintains its original historical character, perfectly inserted in the territory.

More than a cellar, it is a place where, in addition to making wine, refining and aging, you can taste and experience the same atmosphere as it once was. A space beyond time.

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